You Can Now Experience A Three Day Train Journey From The Comfort Of Your Living Room

9th January 2019

Indian Pacific

Australian television owners can now experience Australia's Longest Train Journey from the comfort of their living room with SBS's new "Slow Summer Series". The series follows the route of the Indian Pacific Train Line from Perth to Sydney as well as a Kimberley cruise, a New Zealand overland rote and British Canal trip.

The 2019 Slow Summer series was announced after receiving great success in 2018's "slow tv experiment" as audiences followed the three hour long virtual journey of The Ghan.

This year, the slow tv experiment will be taken to a whole new level, with journeys varying from 3-18 hours long. Throughout the program, viewers will get the chance to experience the incredible sights of the vast Australian landscapes as if they were on the train themselves.

Watch the journey unfold as you travel through the barren Australian outback, pass through lush green pastures, vast goldmines, the majestic blue mountains and the Nullarbor plains on a truly remarkable television adventure.

This genre of slow television differs greatly to mainstream programs as there is no dramatization or added effects to sway audience's emotion or feeling, instead the producers want to immerse viewers in the journey and semi-hypnotise them while they sit, watch and do nothing.

General Manager of Slow Summer, Adam Kay describes the program as "an experience."

"There is no voiceover or that high-pitched music, so there is no one telling you what to look at or feel. The picture is telling you everything."

"You can look down and have a sip of your wine and when you look back up you haven't missed that much."

Starting on January 6, the Slow Summer series will feature four programs lasting three hours in length on primetime SBS as well as SBS on Demand.

For those wanting to experience even more of the journey, the full route of up to 18 hours will be shown on SBS VICELAND.